Down The Drain has many years of experience in fire hydrants. We undertake fire hydrant installation and this quite simply enables us to be the best at what we do in London.

We offer the following, or read on to find out more background about fire hydrants.

Hydrant Installation and Hose Reel Systems
Hydrant Servicing
Hydrant Testing

Fire hydrants need a test every 12 months, & it’s a legal and safety requirement. This ensures that in the event of a fire, the fire brigade have the tools available to them, in good working order, and then to support them in their bid to save lives.

Underground fire hydrants also require regular inspection by a competent fire hydrant contractor and occasional maintenance to ensure that they will work correctly.

The hydrant installation and maintenance of privately owned fire hydrants are governed by British Standards and Building Regulations, in particular BS9990:2015.

Because maintenance of a privately owned fire hydrant is a legal requirement, it is important to use a specialist contractor for the testing, design, installation and maintenance.

As a hydrant service company, we offer a comprehensive maintenance and commissioning service which meets all the legal requirements. You will have peace of mind that your Fire Hydrant is in safe hands.

As history goes it’s a fact that London firefighters used to keep their fire hoses stored in a shop on the corner of Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street. When they needed to use the equipment, they’d roll it out the front door, turn left, and put it into position. Since then, people have been talking about how to fit a fire hydrant in a small space. The most common solution is to remove the valve from the top of the fire hydrant and replace it with a T that connects to two short lengths of hose. These short sections then connect to your regular garden hose. It works, but what would it look like if we were to modify a fire hydrant so that it could fit into an average-sized UK home?

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